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The History of Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley's Rich History


A look back:

Pleasant Valley is the oldest school in the Centennial School District. The original wing of the current building was constructed in 1939. A one-room school preceded Pleasant Valley on the same site, known as the Sycamore School. It was built in 1897 by splitting boards and shingles out of cedar from surrounding land. The bronze bell came from an earlier school, established in 1893. Pleasant Valley’s site has grown from one acre at the turn of the century to 17.6 acres. The building has expanded through six additions. In the 1993 remodeling of the school’s office area, special effort was made to maintain the old fashion flavor emanating from the building’s rich-colored wood moldings and heavily lacquered floors. In 2006-07 we got new windows and a new roof to update our building and make it energy efficient.